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Agriculture Solutions for

Solidarity and Sustainability

Rental marketplace service Between farmers

The business operates the Exagrange platform, a peer-to-peer rental marketplace for agricultural and forestry equipment. Exagrange facilitates the connection of sectoral operators, by providing them with a complete interactional and transactional infrastructure to frame the rental of equipment and minimize risks for both the owner and the renter. The digital service is available in all regions of Quebec, and Exagrange aspires to become the leading supplier of short-term agricultural and forestry equipment in North America.

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What is it about?

Exagrange offers a turnkey solution that makes the peer-to-peer rental transaction experience simple, secure, and productive. Users remain fully autonomous and in control of their experience. Access to the Exagrange marketplace requires an annual subscription for all users. The subscription gives the choice between two service packages for rental operations, the Exagrange Standard plan (de facto) and the Exagrange Premium plan (opt-in). ​

Watch the short explainer video to familiarize yourself with Exagrange! 


Décembre 2023


Exagrange «coup de cœur des Prix initiatives circulaires 2023»


Exagrange a été élue par un vote du public «coup de cœur des Prix initiatives circulaires 2023» dans la région Chaudière-Appalaches!


Mai 2023


La location de machinerie agricole une possibilité à découvrir avec Exagrange


Entrevue radiophonique avec Marek Spacek au studio de LVATV-La Vie Agricole.


Avril 2023


Exagrange : une plateforme de location pour le domaine agricole et forestier


Par l’entremise de son entreprise Exagrange, Marek Spacek souhaite donner un coup de pouce aux agriculteurs et aux exploitants forestiers en leur proposant un marché numérique de location d’équipement et d’outillage sous la forme d’une plateforme de type pair-à-pair, à l’image du service communautaire de location de logements Airbnb.


January 2023 


To maintain its independence and guarantee its user's freedom to use the platform, Exagrange is now adopting a new business formula through annual subscriptions to the marketplace. This decision aims to enable the marketplace to develop better through equity and avoid indebtedness to achieve growth.


October 2022


Location de tracteurs (été/hiver) au Québec, (in French)


Exagrange is now the proud partner of the tractor rental group. This valuable collaboration will promote the expansion of our platform community by disseminating a turnkey solution to users, and at the same time stimulate interest in the solidarity formula through peer-to-peer rental.

timothy-eberly-XemjjFd_4qE-unsplash and EXAGRANGE.jpg

July 2021


Agriculteurs Québécois (in French)


Quebec Farmers Exagrange is now the proud partner of the Quebec Farmers group. This group is a big family, it aims to share, communicate, inform, and especially help each other. Here all Quebec farmers are your family!

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