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Exagrange is a digital service in the form of a peer-to-peer rental marketplace platform. The service facilitates the connection of farmers and foresters, providing them with a comprehensive infrastructure for practical interactions and secure transactions.

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Agricultural and forestry assets are expensive to buy: in this sense, the Exagrange solution allows Renters to find equipment available nearby to avoid the acquisition of new equipment, which improves the profitability of farms by reducing costs and the resulting debt but also increases the flexibility of the operation by increasing the capacity for experimentation and without constraint.


Agricultural and forestry assets are often underutilized: in this sense, the Exagrange solution allows Owners to make underutilized assets a little more profitable, without the hassle associated with finding renters and in a safe way. The additional income may allow the landlord to pay for equipment maintenance costs and offset some associated costs.


Two service plans are offered to the Owners via the subscription, the Exagrange Standard plan (de facto) and the Exagrange Premium plan (opt-in).

Exagrange Standard (de facto)
Exagrange Premium (opt-in)

The annual subscription provides:

·  Unlimited access to the marketplace and listed items

·  Ability to place and view listings free of charge 

·  Rental between users by this formula is free of additional costs on the transaction

·  A structured and secure transactional environment with active curation

·  Tax deductibility of the subscription

·  Internal messaging tool for user-to-user communications

·  Methods and tips to frame the rental

·  Access to a contractual formula and governance orienting the transaction between users

·  Networking opportunities through additional tools made available to the platform community (access to four Facebook groups set up for the Exagrange community)

·  30% discount on merchandise

·  Active promotion of the marketplace and platform community by the company to stimulate a diversity of supply and demand

·  Representing the collective interests of member farmers to provincial and federal governments to promote the circular economy and sharing economy in agriculture

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In addition to all the elements of the Exagrange Standard plan, membership in the Exagrange Premium plan provides a more sophisticated platform service and superior protection including:

·  An electronic calendar for booking equipment

·  Possibility to make and receive an electronic payment  between peers (credit/debit cards) for the reservation of equipment

·  Much more supervised governance of the rental relationship to protect both the landlord and the tenant

·  Technical assistance for the setting up of equipment advertisements (e.g. description of equipment, downloading of images, etc.)

·  The use of the Exagrange Premium plan provides for a percentage of 5% levied by Exagrange on completed transactions between users (plus a 2.9% + 0,30$ transaction fee from the electronic payment provider). Those fees are imputable only to the Owner at the time of transfer of funds with the rental reservation

·  The Exagrange Premium plan comes into operation automatically when the Owner links his equipment advertisement to the electronic payment system on the platform, so the Owner determines whether his equipment will be rented under the Exagrange Standard plan or the Exagrange Premium plan. The Premium plan also requires the same annual subscription to the rental marketplace

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