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About the Exagrange Concept

The rental of equipment offers economic benefits for all, promotes the sound use of available resources, and contributes to the democratization of agriculture and forestry through access to mechanization. The company effectively relies on access rather than ownership, on the natural reduction of the rental price associated with transactions between participating operators, on participatory marketing, on the minimization of operating costs through the digital channel, on proximity to the market, on the usability of the platform community, on security and simplicity of transactions in the platform environment.

Our business model

Exagrange is a startup based on the sharing economy model in which asset utilization tends to be maximized by making them accessible during periods of inactivity or underutilization. The business model used for the Exagrange service is that of the multi-sided digital platform. This concept is based on economic theories of markets where types of interdependent groups of users are served by leveraging their mutual transactional will. This model involves distinct features from traditional businesses, as sharing economy transactions are most often carried out through technological mediation that effectively connects "suppliers" and "consumers" through matchmaking. This twinning makes it possible to commercialize the surplus capacity of farms.

User Relations
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Since the platform's core resources come from crowdsourcing, the company considers the users of the platform solution as its primary partners in the growth of the marketplace. This attitude towards the users of the service stems from the co-development strategy which is based on the co-creation of the offer, participatory collaboration, and self-service through the involvement of users acting as suppliers and consumers of the value units traded on the rental marketplace. The Exagrange concept carries a strong vision that has the potential to positively reconfigure market habits towards more responsible and human-oriented practices. The company thus "cultivates" a healthy, balanced and productive platform community.

The Founder

Marek Spacek: Social entrepreneur, independent researcher, analyst, and business consultant. Graduated with a bachelor's degree in business administration (B.B.A. option marketing) from the École des Hautes Études Commerciales, HEC Montréal, having enriched his studies at the Wirtschaftsuniversität in Vienna (WU Wien) and completed partial studies in law at the Université de Sherbrooke. Graduate of the Master of Business Administration (M.B.A. Marketing) at Laval University, having completed the Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) at the University of Sherbrooke (Excellence Scholarship), additional doctoral studies in Marketing and Management of the Doctorate in Administrative Sciences (Ph.D.) at Laval University. Graduate in the microprogram in e-Business and the microprogram in Public Affairs and Advocacy (offered jointly by Université Laval and the Institute of Political Studies Sciences Po Bordeaux). In addition to this already extensive academic background, there are other ancillary certifications, including one in Major Account Management (York University – Schulich School of Business, Key Account Management, division of executive development), a professional certificate from Stanford University – Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies, as well as the Innovation of Products and Services: MIT's Approach to Design Thinking course from MIT Sloan Executive Education and Financial Acumen (Corporate Finance) from Columbia Business School Executive Education, and comprehensive training in Life and Health Insurance from the AMF and Certificate of Investment Funds in Canada (FIC) from the Canadian Securities Institute CSI.

Exagrange's values
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The company's values are part of the premises of the instrumentalized solidarity economy, somewhat redefining its borders. In particular, these values aim to democratize the economy from free citizen engagements that occur through empowerment-oriented interactions based on ethics in human relations. In this sense, Exagrange makes it possible to consume, use, decide, share and create wealth differently, that is to say by privileging the punctual utility on the ground, the social utility, and the quality of relations between users, all while respecting resources, humans and their environment. In concrete terms, Exagrange offers an infrastructure developed to generate positive spinoffs on three levels associated with sustainable development: economic, social, and environmental.

Environment & Positive Development
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Exagrange's vision is an effort to revitalize the agrarian domain through the digital domain, the concept being part of the fight against climate change through the sectoral deployment of the functional economy, the over-demand economy, the sharing economy, the solidarity economy, and the notion of participatory marketing. The concept is scrupulously based on the application of paradigmatic changes adjusted to the agrarian domain, positioning the company on a favorable trajectory, well aligned with the big ones. societal trends. On the environmental front, Exagrange is part of the ecological awareness of the circular economy, through better exploitation of existing resources, the safeguarding of raw materials, and more indirectly the general reduction of waste associated with it.


Exagrange is a self-funded company, but it also invites accredited investors (as defined in Regulation 45-106 respecting Prospectus Exemptions (V-1.1, r. 21) to come forward to help the company fully realize its market vision. Please use the contact dialogue box to contact the founder.

Exagrange invites visibility partnerships and any form of collaboration to help the company fully realize its vision of the market. Please use the dialog box to contact the founder. ​

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